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Cruises have always been the epitome of romance and romantic activities. Cruises are exciting, fun, passionate and exploratory. It is a way of being close to your loved one(s), while also being out with other people. Boats on the Thames have such a quality, to rekindle love and passion between couples and to provide kids with occupying activities. The lunch and dinner cruises on the Thames are quite mesmerizing, and they bring with them, more than just great menus.

Make a memory for your loved ones
The only objective of each Thames Dinner cruise is to make you and your loved ones happy. You will find the perfect setting for family outings, fun with friends and casual meals with your co-workers on these boats. No matter what kind of memorable experience you are looking for, you will find it in the heart of Thames. It includes special lunch and dinner menus for afternoons and nights respectively. You can also experience Special entertainment on scheduled days and Champagne on special occasions. Now even you will be able to give your loved ones a beautiful memory and bring a smile to their lovely faces.

Add some culture on your plate
How is a cruise on the Thames even complete without a sight of the London’s most famous monuments? Your cruise should at least take you past the London Eye, Big Ben and Tower of London. If the last cruise you were checking, does not offer a splendid panoramic view of the city, it is time you found another one. Why don’t you check out https://www.thamesdinnercruise.co.uk/christmas_cruises/ for a perfect lunch and dinner experience on a special day, bundled with fantastic site seeing opportunities? Aside from enjoying your meal on the fanciest cruise, you will also be able to enjoy a wonderful sight. The site seeing usually includes The Houses of Parliament and the Shard as well. The regular route offers an impressive view of the city, the shore and the river ahead. These are the key ingredients that contribute to a marvellous memory.

The wine and dine steals the show
The Thames Dinner Cruise has all the provisions for offering the guests the finest dining experience. Apart from special Christmas lunches and dinners or New Year’s Eve cruises, you can find four-course lunch and dinner, with wine or champagne on a regular day as well. Thanks to their experience and expertise, all ages enjoy their lunch and dinner cruises. They do not believe in compromising on food quality or service, just because it is a regular day. The lunch or dinner on this cruise might become your best family dining experience or your best date.

The food is incredible, without a doubt, and they serve both dinner and lunch on a regular basis. If you want to book a table for New Year’s special lunch or dinner, or Christmas Eve dinner, you better hurry. Being on the boat gives the chefs a unique opportunity to get their ingredients fresh. The fish is always fresh, and so are other the condiments. There is nothing better than digging into a delicious platter while passing the finest sights of London. Fine dining and London have a longstanding relationship. There is no better way to relish the view, than with a side of delicious gourmet food prepared fresh from the kitchen of the boat.

Perfect for a formal setup
In fact, if you are an entrepreneur looking for a new place to host corporate lunch, dinner and meetings, look no further. Thames cruises are ideal for organizing official meetings, dinners, lunches and drinks for your business partners and colleagues. It is suave, it portrays the right image, and it is not even that costly. There is no reason why you should not book a lunch or dinner cruise the next time you think of hosting a fancy dinner. Your associates will surely feel special being treated to a cruise ride and your competitors are sure to bite their nails.

Regular cruises or party bonanzas
Cruise lunches and dinners are great for family celebrations as well. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary or just the annual family dinner, you can always woo your family and other guests by booking a fancy and not so costly cruise on the Thames. Just ask for the special menus, drinks and kid-friendly ambience and the Thames Dinner Cruise will deliver. Party packages usually include entertainment, story reading sessions, magic tricks and live music too. There are a million ways of making lunch or dinner special, and the Thames Dinner Cruise employees know them all!

Check before you pay
Not all cruises on the Thames offer the same exquisite experience at such affordable prices. Since you are here, you must be looking for cruises online for you and your family. No matter whom you have for the company, it is your responsibility to find and book a cruise that offers a pleasant and memorable experience for everyone. While you are looking online, do not shy away from digging deeper. Don’t just look at the cost and the menu. Check the facilities, safety and kid-friendliness of the cruises. Always look at the reviews and ratings of the cruise liners before you pay the money. Authentic user reviews paint a clear picture of the quality of service and the standard of meals served on the cruise. If you find a site that looks glamorous but does not have any reviews, run for the hills and do not look back, or you can book your fantastic cruise experience here at http://thamesdinnercruise.co.uk/.

Start early to get the best service
To find the best tables with the best views, start your booking early. Ideally, you should book 2-4 weeks ahead of your plan. With Christmas and New Year’s Celebrations around the corner, even two weeks will not be enough. Booking a table is not always expensive. While cruise lunch and dinner sound exuberant, the prices are quite humble. The Thames Dinner Cruise ensures that everyone has a lovely experience on board by employing pocket-friendly prices.  Contact the experts directly for a booking. After all, your everlasting happy memory is just one phone call away from you.