Thames Dinner Cruise Is All Ready to Dial-Up The Fun This Christmas with Food, Booze and More!

Christmas parties in London are fantastic. Whether you are a Londoner or you are just visiting friends, if you are going to be in the city during the Christmas season, you need to try these dazzling Christmas parties. Finding the quirkiest and most happening locations by yourself on the day can be a pain even for the regular party goers. Besides, there are very few new things the regular party haunts have to offer during Christmas. You need something that makes your heart pound, adrenaline shoot up and head swoon. Be it a boozy-doozy bash or one filled with upbeat DJ music, you can find it in the heart of London, on the Thames.

You need to start thinking about Christmas

Most people spend their pre-holiday weeks planning for New Year’s Eve parties and dinners. Christmas becomes the underdog of holidays to most. As a result, a majority of people interested in partying never find the right locations or the right crowds. Who does not know the key to an excellent party? It is finding like-minded people in a fun place with groovy music and finger licking food. The Thames Dinner Cruise brings all the secret ingredients of a memorable party together to offer unbelievably fun and happening Christmas parties in 2017, right on the river.

Why stay on the cold and glum shore, when you can climb up a warm and cosy boat with your friends? There are special drinks at pub prices, special holiday menu that includes finger food and dinner, great music, live performances and the right Christmas setting. All the Thames Cruise boats are decked up in Christmas lights and decor to add to the real feel. You will find Christmas music and mixes of popular Christmas songs you cannot resist dancing to. On top of everything else, you will get the most fun crowd you can gel with and party the night to dawn.

An excellent solution for big groups

When you are a group of 20 or more, you can always get your boat. Do not believe us? Give the Thames Dinner Cruise a try. You can book an entire cruise for you and your friends if you want a private party on the Thames. While other people wait in line outside overcrowded clubs and pubs, you can enjoy your private party on a boat cutting through the city. How cool is that? That is the perfect way to add elegance to a good old Christmas party you have always been expecting this year.

Booking an entire boat for your gang does not have to exuberantly costly. You can always get a pre-booking at The earlier you book, the better are your chances of getting the premium boat at the most pocket-friendly prices. People love the idea of spending their Christmas evenings and days on the Thames. If you tarry much longer, you may have to battle a crowd for that booking!

Bigger boat, better prices

Booking a boat is a much better option for a large group of party goers. Not only is it much safer than the city streets, but it is also a lot more fun. You will not be spending a lot more than you would be at an uptown club or pub on the Christmas day. On the other hand, you will be served with your favourite dishes, customised cocktails, the best liquor and everything at regular prices. Unlike bars and pubs that tend to slap a new price tag for special occasions, Thames Dinner Cruise is used to organising big parties throughout the year. You will find the tastiest gourmet meals and celebratory alcohol at regular prices.

You should find a cruise that offers the same quality of service on Christmas and New Years Eves. The special cruises should also call for special celebratory four-course meals, finger food, wine and champagne like they do it at the Thames Dinner Cruise. All in all, your cruise experience should be luxurious, rich and satisfying, without a hefty price tag to mar the joy of the occasion.

A glimpse of the city dressed in Christmas lights

Do not forget the fantastic sites that you get to see while on the boat. The London Eye and Tower of London dress up for the holiday season, and you will be able to admire their unique beauty as your boat passes them by slowly and softly. Depending on the route your boat takes you will be able to see a lot more of the fabled city in a new light. The river cruise provides all guests with a unique vantage point, and the Christmas lights help them to rediscover their city. Christmas is a fairytale on the Thames, and booking a cruise allows you to become a part of that fairytale journey during one evening of your life.

Customize your cruise in advance

Thames Dinner Cruise believes in simplicity. You do not have to be a part of a loud Christmas party if you don’t want to be. If you want a romantic cruise with subtle warmth of Christmas, you can find that too. Look at for a cruise of your choice, which will make your Christmas more than perfect. Whether it is a lunch for two, dinner for two or a passionate take on a traditional party, you can find it right there.  With over a decade of experience, the Thames Dinner Cruise knows how to make everyone’s cruising experience special and fulfilling.

Why go with Thames Dinner Cruise?

The Thames Dinner Cruises in London are ready to add the much necessary quirk to the Christmas parties of London in 2017. From themed parties to live entertainment, you will find everything you wish for on that boat ride of your dreams. It will indeed be a glorious experience, riding on a majestic cruise with your favourite drink in hand, waving at the people on the shore as you sail by.

Plan The Perfect Christmas Party: Book a Dinner Cruise on The Thames

Christmas comes just once a year, and that gives us all the reason we need to make it perfect. There is no better way to turn your drab yearly parties to an extravaganza than to book a Christmas cruise. It means champagne, fireworks, red Santa hats, DJ music and the works. It comes along with the bonus of great views of the Thames in winter.

Making Christmas special for everyone

Finding something open and available on Christmas day is no less than a miracle. While booking a cruise always make sure they are offering special Christmas lunch, dinner and parties. You do not want to ride on a boat without the Christmas feel while your friends and co-workers are having the time of their lives. You need to treat yourself, your family and friends to something special. Something more than a regular boat ride on the Christmas Eve or the Christmas day. Your Christmas cruise needs to pack a special lunch or dinner, music, dance, drinks, celebrations and a lot of happiness. You need something tailor-made for the occasion, and that can be difficult to find unless you know of You can find Christmas special cruises here as well, that will take you on a journey of your life across the city on the river Thames.

Why not get your own boat?

When you have a group of friends or office colleagues, why don’t you consider getting your boat? Some cruises on the Thames can entertain up to 200 guests per Evening. It is just a way of adding an elegant touch to your regular Christmas parties. If you are looking for personal parties or office parties, you can always try Thames Dinner Cruise for the fantastic offers and discounts for family and group bookings. You need to exclusively book a ride that can entertain all your guests comfortably and leave plenty of room for fun and games. If that is the case, you need to speak with cruise booking guides who usually deal with cruise booking for special occasions on the Thames. Now, Christmas is not far, and that is quite evident from the decors at the arcades and shops. You need to get the contacts of the best London cruise booking agencies from their websites and start dialing.

Do not be cheap!

The key to booking a prime cruise is to book one that is NOT cheap. We can understand how it can seem a bit difficult to book a premium boat during peak season, immediately after the shopping fever is almost over. However, to ensure the best quality of food, service and add-ons, you need to book cruises that are on the upper end of your budget. You do not want a few bucks coming in the way of your friends and fun. Always specifically ask the cruise company if the customise food and drinks. If you are planning on having kids on board, ask about kid-friendly food, games and entertainment. Safety is also a prime concern with kids on board, so ask about their safety measures thoroughly.

Crosscheck the timing and location of the cruise

Before you book your cruise, you should check the day and the schedule. You do not want to miss your chance at partying on the Thames because of silly confusion with date or time. You also need to check the boarding location and drop-off locations. Most boats have fixed piers and routes. Even though you might want to book the entire cruise for a considerable period, the routes are not likely to change. Booking the cruise for Christmas Eve is undoubtedly an option if you are interested in throwing a dinner party in the quaint river. Christmas dinner is the perfect way to impress your co-workers and your boss.

If you want a family time with elders and kids, a Christmas lunch might just be a better idea. On the average winter day, Thames is quite the beauty. A four-course lunch on the mighty river amidst friends and family is the ideal way to spend Christmas day. The Thames Dinner Cruise always allows the guests to pick their own food and customize their drinks. It just adds the perfect touch to the excellent lunch or dinner on a special day for everyone.

Add the spice to the recipe for fun

Are food and drinks enough? Well, certainly not. For the 21st century go-getters, just food and beverages are the regular deal. It is not Even weekend special dinner! You need to live it up with music, preferably live, entertainment packages including a magic show for kids or dance for adults. To top of the experience, you need to ensure that your cruise takes you on a trip through the heart of London. That means the London Eye, Tower of London, Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral Royal Observatory, Westminster Abby and more. How can your Christmas in London be complete if you do not get a view of these historical monuments and their Christmas decors? Well, you may not get to see all the landmarks on one cruise, but you can always ask for the special Christmas package at the Thames Dinner Cruise for the best sightseeing offers.

Compare, check and book

While buying any goods or services online, for the best deals you need to compare the options. You can check business listing websites and the original cruise sites for customer reviews. Authentic customer reviews are capable of giving the prospective buyer a clear idea about the quality of services, entertainment, food and Everything else concerning the cruise. A premium experience may not come for cheap. Since you are trying to give your friends and family a good time, why not do a thorough check before your confirm booking?

Book ahead and ask the right questions to have all the fun on the Christmas Eve and the Christmas day. The best cruises on the Thames have something for all ages. So whether you are going to have kids on board, or just businesspeople who like to keep things serious, you can find something for everyone at

Enjoy a Gala Evening in London With a Luxurious Dinner Cruise on The Thames

London is one of the party hubs of the world. The city and the residents know how to celebrate and turn any gathering into a fun party. The story is entirely different when it comes to Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The city comes alive with thousands on the streets singing, dancing and celebrating. There are scintillating fireworks and groovy music. People go to bars, clubs, pubs and restaurants to usher in the New Year, but here’s the problem – most of these places are getting too crowded for fun each year. People visiting London for vacations or work, during the New Year’s Eve are looking for new ways to celebrate the evening.

The city needs a new twist

Restaurants and pubs are almost always overflowing with people on the New Year’s Eve. Drunken brawls and low quality of food are becoming ubiquitous to London parties. Most sensible people need a getaway on the evening of New Year’s Eve without compromising on the fun experience of living in London. That is when Thames Dinner Cruise came up with the brilliant solution. To know how to bypass the problematic roads and loud crowds check out

Get on a boat and sail away from the noise

Why not party on a ship? Far away from the maddening crowds, well literally and in the lap of quaint Thames. You can party all night long with your friends, family or colleagues till the sun comes up. While other people wait in queues to get into the crowded clubs and restaurants, you can make an everlasting memory with a fantastic bunch on the river aboard a fancy cruise.

You deserve something special on New Year’s

After labouring away for the whole year, you surely deserve to pamper yourself with a cruise ride to celebrate the ending of 2017. Let the river wash away your fatigue so that you can welcome a brand new year with fantastic food, music, fun and frolicking company. A cruise ride is what you deserve since the service is top-notch and the food is exquisite. Just because there are too many people on board, the chefs do not skimp on their finest ingredients. Besides, having a kitchen on the river has its perks. You will always find fresh fish and lobster on their menu. Even on the busiest day, you can avail a choice of dishes. Wine always accompanies their four-course meals. On special days you can inevitably ask for that bottle of champagne.

On the evening of New Year’s, do not expect anything less than handmade cocktails, finger licking food and sinful dessert. The Thames Dinner Cruise usually seals the deal with the latest and grooviest soundtracks from famous artists and movie soundtracks. There is always plenty of floor space to dance, show off your moves, have a romantic conversation or just stand quietly looking at the city from a distance.

What more can you expect from an excellent cruise experience?

Since you are visiting London on the New Year’s Eve, wouldn’t you like to know how the city looks in her New Year’s getup? Thames river cruises give you an exclusive chance to revel in the beauty of the town decked in holiday lights from the river. You can see the London’s Eye, Tower of London and the Halls of Parliament light up as the evening slowly floats by. Imagine holding a glass of chilled wine and taking in the picturesque spread of the city’s silhouette before your eyes for the night. The Thames River Cruise gives you options for booking cruises exclusively for site seeing because they believe that you cannot wholly experience London unless you look at the sites.

Feel like a celebrity with their own podium

As the fireworks go off, you will not have to fight for best viewing position. You can have your personal space on the lap of Thames. While the people on the shore clamour for a little space of their own, you can have your own sky far away from the hullaballoo. Even with other people on board, you will not feel crowded. To find the most expansive and luxurious cruises at a pocket-friendly rate, check out now! The larger the boat, the more comfortable you will be during the evening. While booking, make sure to ask about their capacity, safety measures and seating arrangements. Only a few cruises can provide you with everything you need to create the perfect memory of a fine New Year’s Evening with friends or family.

How do you plan on getting back to your hotel?

While booking, definitely ask about the pier the cruise will start from and their drop off location. If you are new in London or just visiting, you should think ahead about your route back to your hotel. Sometimes, you can have trouble finding a tube station nearby, and that can be a problem for a newbie in the city. Always enquire specifically about the timings of the cruises and their routes. After the fireworks are over, throngs of people try to get back home on the roads, and that can be quite a shocker for anyone new in the city, alighting from a luxury cruise.

Always confirm about the facilities and prices

Since you are in London, you must not miss the fireworks. Therefore, always ask your cruise liner if they have provisions for clear viewing. There are a couple of cruises that offer retractable glass roofs for viewing the fireworks on the Thames. On regular dinner and lunch cruises, the roofs rarely open and the occupants on board can end up feeling stuffy. However, nothing compares to an old school open deck river liner that can comfortably fit a party of 200 and offer an unhindered view of the spectacular fireworks on the river. If you book early, you will get better offers and cheaper booking rates for everyone. Luxury cruises do not have to bear a hefty price tag, and they can be quite luxurious on your wallet too. If you do not believe us, check out the incredible cruise booking rates at the Thames Dinner Cruise.

Turn your boring office Christmas party into fun! Here’s what you can do

If you are a business owner and wish to value and appreciate the contribution of your employees, you can surprise them by doing something different this Christmas. You can treat them to a Christmas party cruise on the River Thames. This is a great way by which you can make them feel wanted and special!

Opt for unique Christmas cruise packages as per your choice

When it comes to Christmas office party cruises, you will find there are several unique packages for you to choose from. You may opt for fine dining or a party that rings in cheer and music. There are several credible cruise service providers to help you with your choice. They recommend you book your cruises early so that you get the preferred tables that you need. The menu and the drinks are fresh, and you have the option to choose from the list of items that are available. In short, you can customize your food if you wish to with the help of the friendly experts here.

Fun filled activities for your entertainment

When it comes to this unique London Christmas party venue, you will find that your office staff will enjoy your kind gesture of welcoming them aboard a cruise that gives them a lot of joy and happiness. With the addition of live bands and singers, the whole atmosphere is full of entertainment and fun. There are several activities that you can opt for, and there is never a moment of boredom thrown in.

Make new friends on board

You will also find other guests on board and so even if you are a small party you get the privilege of joining in and making the party even bigger. The organizers of these cruises also conduct various fun-filled group activities where you effectively can break the ice and make new friends.

Sail past some of the best iconic sights of London this Christmas

To add to it all, you get the bonus of cruising part some of the most famous and iconic sights of London. They include The London Eye, The Westminster Abbey, The Houses of Parliament, The Big Ben and the Tower of London. The night skylight is also beautiful as there are bright lights that shine in the backdrop. The experience is mesmerizing, and it is sure to stay with you and your office staff for the years to come.

Therefore, if you want to make your office Christmas party different this year, it is high time for you to opt for a London Christmas Cruise that will make your cruise memorable and cheerful. With the aid of the right cruise operator, you will be able to entertain the employees that work hard for you the whole year and make them happy as well.

Choose from a wide range of offers and packages available from credible London Christmas cruise providers. They ensure that you grab the best deals as per your budget and needs.