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London is one of the party hubs of the world. The city and the residents know how to celebrate and turn any gathering into a fun party. The story is entirely different when it comes to Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The city comes alive with thousands on the streets singing, dancing and celebrating. There are scintillating fireworks and groovy music. People go to bars, clubs, pubs and restaurants to usher in the New Year, but here’s the problem – most of these places are getting too crowded for fun each year. People visiting London for vacations or work, during the New Year’s Eve are looking for new ways to celebrate the evening.

The city needs a new twist
Restaurants and pubs are almost always overflowing with people on the New Year’s Eve. Drunken brawls and low quality of food are becoming ubiquitous to London parties. Most sensible people need a getaway on the evening of New Year’s Eve without compromising on the fun experience of living in London. That is when Thames Dinner Cruise came up with the brilliant solution. To know how to bypass the problematic roads and loud crowds check out https://www.thamesdinnercruise.co.uk/thames_new_years_eve_cruises/.

Get on a boat and sail away from the noise
Why not party on a ship? Far away from the maddening crowds, well literally and in the lap of quaint Thames. You can party all night long with your friends, family or colleagues till the sun comes up. While other people wait in queues to get into the crowded clubs and restaurants, you can make an everlasting memory with a fantastic bunch on the river aboard a fancy cruise.

You deserve something special on New Year’s
After labouring away for the whole year, you surely deserve to pamper yourself with a cruise ride to celebrate the ending of 2017. Let the river wash away your fatigue so that you can welcome a brand new year with fantastic food, music, fun and frolicking company. A cruise ride is what you deserve since the service is top-notch and the food is exquisite. Just because there are too many people on board, the chefs do not skimp on their finest ingredients. Besides, having a kitchen on the river has its perks. You will always find fresh fish and lobster on their menu. Even on the busiest day, you can avail a choice of dishes. Wine always accompanies their four-course meals. On special days you can inevitably ask for that bottle of champagne.

On the evening of New Year’s, do not expect anything less than handmade cocktails, finger licking food and sinful dessert. The Thames Dinner Cruise usually seals the deal with the latest and grooviest soundtracks from famous artists and movie soundtracks. There is always plenty of floor space to dance, show off your moves, have a romantic conversation or just stand quietly looking at the city from a distance.

What more can you expect from an excellent cruise experience?
Since you are visiting London on the New Year’s Eve, wouldn’t you like to know how the city looks in her New Year’s getup? Thames river cruises give you an exclusive chance to revel in the beauty of the town decked in holiday lights from the river. You can see the London’s Eye, Tower of London and the Halls of Parliament light up as the evening slowly floats by. Imagine holding a glass of chilled wine and taking in the picturesque spread of the city’s silhouette before your eyes for the night. The Thames River Cruise gives you options for booking cruises exclusively for site seeing because they believe that you cannot wholly experience London unless you look at the sites.

Feel like a celebrity with their own podium
As the fireworks go off, you will not have to fight for best viewing position. You can have your personal space on the lap of Thames. While the people on the shore clamour for a little space of their own, you can have your own sky far away from the hullaballoo. Even with other people on board, you will not feel crowded. To find the most expansive and luxurious cruises at a pocket-friendly rate, check out http://thamesdinnercruise.co.uk/ now! The larger the boat, the more comfortable you will be during the evening. While booking, make sure to ask about their capacity, safety measures and seating arrangements. Only a few cruises can provide you with everything you need to create the perfect memory of a fine New Year’s Evening with friends or family.

How do you plan on getting back to your hotel?
While booking, definitely ask about the pier the cruise will start from and their drop off location. If you are new in London or just visiting, you should think ahead about your route back to your hotel. Sometimes, you can have trouble finding a tube station nearby, and that can be a problem for a newbie in the city. Always enquire specifically about the timings of the cruises and their routes. After the fireworks are over, throngs of people try to get back home on the roads, and that can be quite a shocker for anyone new in the city, alighting from a luxury cruise.

Always confirm about the facilities and prices
Since you are in London, you must not miss the fireworks. Therefore, always ask your cruise liner if they have provisions for clear viewing. There are a couple of cruises that offer retractable glass roofs for viewing the fireworks on the Thames. On regular dinner and lunch cruises, the roofs rarely open and the occupants on board can end up feeling stuffy. However, nothing compares to an old school open deck river liner that can comfortably fit a party of 200 and offer an unhindered view of the spectacular fireworks on the river. If you book early, you will get better offers and cheaper booking rates for everyone. Luxury cruises do not have to bear a hefty price tag, and they can be quite luxurious on your wallet too. If you do not believe us, check out the incredible cruise booking rates at the Thames Dinner Cruise.