Four Unbelievable Ways You Can Enjoy a Dinner Cruise

The sun has just gone down over London paving way for an entirely lit city. An impeccably dressed attendant welcomes you on board a riverboat with a broad smile. As you get in, the sight of the well-set table sends your appetite into overdrive. You take a seat reserved for you and relax. The evening looks special, the cruise down the Thames is now underway.

A waiter places your welcoming drink on the table. While you sip the fresh juice, the irresistible aroma from the boat’s kitchen fills the air. Moments later, you step outside the restaurant to a cool London breeze. Meanwhile, the boat sails on and you happen to catch a glimpse of one of the city’s iconic bridges. As you stand mesmerized, the boat’s live band comes to life.

As the evening wears on, more surprises come your way. The Thames Dinner Cruise is underway. As you can see, dinner cruises are a fantastic way to enjoy your holiday. How do you make the most out of it?

Dress code

Most cruise packages recommend that guests turn up dressed in a certain way. The system usually applies on Saturday and Sunday nights. The idea behind such themed evenings is to enhance the occasion. At the same time, there are alternative dress codes for other days of the week. Before embarking on your trip, find out whether your cruise has rules on attire.

Admittance of children

Before you embark on your cruise accompanied by your family, it is advisable to confirm whether they allow children. Some boat owners do not let children below a certain age come on board while others have no issues. Ask your travel agent to find this out and get as many details as possible. Otherwise, you do not deserve to endure the frustration that comes with learning that your dear little ones cannot join you on the boat.

Carry some cash

After a romantic dinner, coupled with an entertaining band and courteous waiters who would not throw in a few pounds as a tip? In some cruises, boat staff may provide a tipping box. Usually, the tipping comes at the end of the trip. If you are generous enough, you may proceed to tip your waiters, hence the need to carry cash.

Be open to fun and a good meal

Every cruise comes fully package to keep you happy. You have no reason to remain dull. Enjoy your food and drinks. If something you wanted is not on the menu, make a polite request. Also, when the band plays a tune that you love, go on and dance.

Dinner cruises are different in some aspects. Inquire about the mode of dressing. If traveling with children, find out in advance whether they can get on the boat. Also, having some money with you comes in handy when you need to tip waiters or band members. Other than enjoying the sights, indulge in the activities on offer. Follow these tips and you will end up having an unforgettable evening.