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  3. Thames Dinner Cruise is The Reason to Fall in Love With New Year’s Celebrations in London

London is not just about the markets, the restaurants and the buildings. The city offers a unique experience for each person. Sometimes, you need to see the city from afar to find out the real treasures. Imagine seeing all the historic sites and favourite spots of the city, but far away from the crazy throng of tourists and daily commuters. Imagine regaling in serenity and great company while you sail past the busiest piers and tourist spots. Now imagine all of this on the New Year’s Eve or the New Year’s Day. Do you like the picture your imagination is painting? Then wait no more!

Memories on the Thames are easy to make
Try a New Year’s Eve Dinner Cruise in London to enjoy a gala lunch and dinner with family and friends. Thames cruises are always romantic, sailing on the much-fabled river along the shores of a famous city that holds her own secrets. You will get to see the most important buildings including the Tower of London, the Houses of the Parliament and the Globe Theatre. You will be able to see them adjacent to the most spectacular examples of modern architecture like that Shard and the London Eye. Sample the fabulous architectural pieces as the cruise slowly sales by the busy ports and piers. Wave to the crowds on the banks and enjoy your view with a fancy glass of champagne in your hand as the clock strikes midnight.

Turn your New Year’s into an evening to remember
Special cruises New Year’s Eve celebrations usually offer more than the regular wine and dine. They include live music, fun party games for adults, family fun time for family cruises and special menus for everyone. Most of the cruises on the Thames are for a couple of hours, so you will easily be able to avoid the crowd on the streets and the rush on the tube.  https://www.thamesdinnercruise.co.uk/thames_new_years_eve_cruises/ will give you an exclusive slice of London’s nightlife as we say goodbye to 2017. Greet 2018 with panache on a luxury cruise with your friends or family.

Why is Thames Dinner Cruise special?
The Thames is indeed the longest river in England and cruises offer multiple reasons along the course to make your lunch or dinner memorable. Special occasion cruises provide four-course meals for all our guests for the cruise luncheon. These cruises have special four-course menus for all guests onboard. You can also find kid-friendly menus on some, once you ask for them. Special drinks and handmade cocktails will complete the evening extravaganza you have always craved for every New Year’s celebration. Thames Dinner Cruise gives you the perfect excuse to fall in love once again.

Check out https://www.thamesdinnercruise.co.uk/ for a list of all the lunch and dinner cruises that suit your requirement. If you want to be a part of the most happening Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, check out the schedules and pier locations beforehand.