Bonfire Night in London Watching the Fireworks

Bonfire Night in London Watching the FireworksBonfire Night in London watching the Fireworks, is now our new tradition.


Last year, we found ourselves in London during the first weekend of November.  As I started searching for things for us to do whilst there, I realised it would be Bonfire Night on the Saturday.  “I bet there are some fantastic fireworks in London on Bonfire Night”, I thought.  So, I began looking for fireworks displays.  There were quite a few options, but as we were staying in Central London, we wanted to stay quite central to avoid unnecessary tube trips.


That’s when I saw River Thames Bonfire Night Cruise – London Fireworks.  Step aboard our Thames Bonfire Night Cruise for a bonfire night to remember.”


This was perfect! I am a huge fan of Bonfire Night, but have to admit, I don’t like standing in a cold field watching the fireworks on a cold November night.  So the thought of being inside a warm boat, with toilets was a big selling point for me.


We arrived at Westminster Pier at 17.45 and walked down to the boat, which was waiting alongside the pier.  We boarded the boat and were greeted with a glass of hot Muller Cider which was delicious.  The boat set sail and we cruised along the River Thames, past the London Eye and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.  We passed HMS Belfast and the Tower of London before sailing underneath Tower Bridge. The photo opportunities were amazing, everything looked beautiful lit up against the dark sky.


The boat then turned around and we headed back up river.  The food station opened and we got ourselves a box of Chilli Con Carne with rice, which was a delicious classic supper for Bonfire Night.


We sailed past the Houses of Parliament and slowly came to a stop next to Battersea Park.  The Captain announced that the fireworks would be starting soon.


Bonfire Night in London Watching the FireworksWe bought a fresh round of drinks, put on our hats and coats and made our way to the open outside deck.  The Battersea Park fireworks were amazing.  Standing on the upper deck of a boat in the middle of the River, watching the fireworks fly high above the trees into the black November sky is mesmerising.  We forgot we were in London.  The gentle sway of the boat gave everything a dreamlike quality.


We had such a good Bonfire Night in London watching the Battersea Park fireworks on the Thames.  That we have decided to make this a tradition and have asked friends and family to join us for 2017.


Warning: this is a sell-out.  We have already booked our tickets.  What are you waiting for?  Book Your Tickets Now – 


Guide to finding the best London Christmas cruise online

When it comes to Christmas planning, you will find that there are many things for you to do. There are events and parties that you can attend. However, has the idea of a Christmas cruise ever crossed your mind? To most people, the meaning of a Christmas cruise means a lot of money. However, this is not true. When it comes to a Christmas cruise, you do not have to dish out a fortune. There are ways and means by which you can search for affordable Christmas cruise providers online that cater to your needs and give you the fun and entertainment you deserve!

Check online for credible Christmas cruise providers

When it comes to Christmas cruises, you should check online for credible cruise providers. You can search on Google and make a list of the London Cruise providers that you find interesting. Compare their websites and also talk with the experts when it comes to the type of boats, food and entertainment facilities that they will offer you. It is crucial for you also to understand the dress code and the rules of cancellation that are applicable when you book the cruise.

You have the option to book a London Christmas Cruise for personal or office parties. If you wish to entertain your office staff, you can speak to the experts of credible Christmas cruise booking websites and book your tables in advance. You can also ask them if they will customize drinks or food. It is imperative for you to ensure that you get the right deals however when it comes to the price of the cruise, ensure that you do not opt for very cheap rates. They might compromise on the quality of food and entertainment. This will, in the end, become a major disappointment for you.

Compare and look for customer ratings and reviews

To be on the safe side, you should take some time and research online for customer ratings and reviews of the cruise. When you read honest customer reviews, you get an idea about the type of entertainment and other services that they offer you. It is wise for you to compare the ratings and reviews of different websites so that you effectively can get the best for your needs without hassles at all!

Get the best value for your money

Last but not the least, it is essential for you to ensure that you get the best value for your money when you are looking for a Christmas cruise in London. Top cruise companies will give you good food and entertainment. They will sail through some of the best iconic sights of the city like The Tower of London, The Big Ben, The London Eye, The Houses of Parliament and more.

The experience of cruising along the River Thames is thrilling. It gives you immense joy and happiness. Select from seasonal beers and drinks and enjoy the party with your loved ones and make new friends this Christmas while on board!

Celebrate Christmas This Year With An Amazing Party Cruise

Christmas is the time of the year when you celebrate with family and loved ones. There are several unique ways by which you can celebrate Christmas with your near and dear ones. The joys, happiness and love are evident when you are together. The celebrations are even better when you plan something unique that comes as a pleasant surprise to your loved ones!

Do something different this Christmas

This Christmas is time for you to do something different that will not only bring in immense joy but also stay with you for many years to come. Ring in Christmas with a cruise on the River Thames with your friends and family with you. If you believe that such a cruise is expensive, the good news is that they are not. These cruises are very affordable, and they bring immense cheer when you treat your friends and family to them. Some corporate offices opt for Christmas cruises where they can treat their employees to many fun-filled activities and fine dining. This means whether it is for professional or personal reasons, you effectively can create many fond memories with a Christmas cruise this year!

Party on the River Thames

A cruise does not mean little sailing. You get the chance to party and dance with excellent music playing in the background. What could be a better way than ringing in the new year? You can sing, dance and interact with the other guests on board. This is a good way to make new friends as well!

Ring in Xmas with cheer and frolic

When you are on a Christmas Party London Cruise, you can be happy and celebrate with joy. Moreover, when it comes to food and entertainment, credible cruise providers ensure you never get bored. They bring in the best bands and singers so that you dance and be merry when it comes to celebrating Christmas with your gang of family, friends or colleagues. The activities that are planned on the cruise entertain both young and old. This is why they are trendy and ideal for bringing in the spirit of togetherness and happiness at the same time!

Sail through iconic sights of London

When you opt for Christmas cruises in London, you get the chance to see the iconic sights of the city. They include The Big Ben, The London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and The Tower of London. In the night you will find that these iconic places look even more beautiful as the bright lights give them a mesmerising effect in the backdrop. Fresh food and drinks are also served to you on the cruise. This means you will be able to relish good food and amazing sights of London while you sail on the River Thames. This indeed is an unforgettable experience for everyone on board!

Therefore, if you wish to make your Christmas memorable this year, contact credible Christmas party cruise providers and book your tables in advance. You will never regret the experience as this cruise will stay in your memory for a very long time!

Turn your boring office Christmas party into fun! Here’s what you can do

If you are a business owner and wish to value and appreciate the contribution of your employees, you can surprise them by doing something different this Christmas. You can treat them to a Christmas party cruise on the River Thames. This is a great way by which you can make them feel wanted and special!

Opt for unique Christmas cruise packages as per your choice

When it comes to Christmas office party cruises, you will find there are several unique packages for you to choose from. You may opt for fine dining or a party that rings in cheer and music. There are several credible cruise service providers to help you with your choice. They recommend you book your cruises early so that you get the preferred tables that you need. The menu and the drinks are fresh, and you have the option to choose from the list of items that are available. In short, you can customize your food if you wish to with the help of the friendly experts here.

Fun filled activities for your entertainment

When it comes to this unique London Christmas party venue, you will find that your office staff will enjoy your kind gesture of welcoming them aboard a cruise that gives them a lot of joy and happiness. With the addition of live bands and singers, the whole atmosphere is full of entertainment and fun. There are several activities that you can opt for, and there is never a moment of boredom thrown in.

Make new friends on board

You will also find other guests on board and so even if you are a small party you get the privilege of joining in and making the party even bigger. The organizers of these cruises also conduct various fun-filled group activities where you effectively can break the ice and make new friends.

Sail past some of the best iconic sights of London this Christmas

To add to it all, you get the bonus of cruising part some of the most famous and iconic sights of London. They include The London Eye, The Westminster Abbey, The Houses of Parliament, The Big Ben and the Tower of London. The night skylight is also beautiful as there are bright lights that shine in the backdrop. The experience is mesmerizing, and it is sure to stay with you and your office staff for the years to come.

Therefore, if you want to make your office Christmas party different this year, it is high time for you to opt for a London Christmas Cruise that will make your cruise memorable and cheerful. With the aid of the right cruise operator, you will be able to entertain the employees that work hard for you the whole year and make them happy as well.

Choose from a wide range of offers and packages available from credible London Christmas cruise providers. They ensure that you grab the best deals as per your budget and needs.

Thames dinner cruise – The not to miss item on your London itinerary

For an entirely different experience in dining in London, you must explore the magical Thames that drives your dining experience to unexpected levels and create marvellous memories. Embark on a cruise on the Thames specifically designed to provide the most exquisite experience in fine dining that no restaurants on land can ever offer. Whether you are out on a date looking for the most secluded option in dining amidst a serene and watery setting or want to celebrate some special occasion with friends and colleagues in a unique way, Thames dinner cruise assures the most elegant, magical and mesmerising dining experience of your lifetime.

Although the dinner cruise is mostly preferred by people who want to unwind after a strenuous day, cruises during the day for lunch or afternoon tea are equally fulfilling. It does not matter what time it is as long as you are sailing on the Thames and enjoying the most remarkable experience in fine dining. The scenic beauty of London cityscape will make you hold your breath as you cruise along the Thames in luxury boats and sail past the fabled London Bridge, Houses of Parliament, the Docklands, Tower Bridge and the Millennium Dome, just to name a few. Missing the dinner cruise will surely leave a big void in your life.

Dining cruise options

Different options are available to enable guests to enjoy the most memorable experience of dining on the river Thames according to their choice. Whether you prefer a relaxed lunch on the Thames, want to go on a date for romantic dinner or like to celebrate some special event or occasion with a larger group, you can choose the package that suits you best.

The quality of food, service and hospitality is of the same professional standard that has made the dining cruises so famous. No matter what time of the day or night it is, you enjoy the best possible views on the river banks lined with the famous landmarks of London. The familiar city sights appear entirely different when viewed from the river. The sense of exploring a new city adds to the enjoyment and excitement of the dinner cruise. All dining packages consist of the beautiful cruise, a private table and tasty food.

Thames Dinner Cruise

This package is the jewel in the crown of all cruise packages and promises the most exclusive dining experience in London. The cruise sets you on sail across the heart of London as you sail along the Thames, the most prized asset of London.  The historical landmarks of The Tower of London, the Globe Theatre and the Houses of Parliament acquire a special perspective as you cruise past it and lay your eyes on the more recent creations like the Shard and the London Eye.

As you put your foot on board the luxury boat that houses the restaurant, the courteous staff would greet you, and the waiter directs you to the private table ear marked for you. Cool yourself with a glass of chilled Sparkling Kir as you prepare for the memorable evening experience of magical food and enchanting music. Soon the boat sets sail and thus begins your memorable cruise that has become a part of luxurious entertainment in London today. Just as you cross the Big Ben, get ready to gorge on the great cuisines of the a la carte dinner (four courses) served to the gentle music played by the live band accompanied by a singer.  The changing lights on the river banks make the backdrop even more mystical in its appeal.  If you have a companion, the post dinner dance could bring down the curtain on the magical celebrations.

Lunch on the Thames

If you are unable to make time for the dinner cruise, then make it a point not to miss the lunch cruise offered from Wednesday through Saturday. It is an enjoyable experience of sightseeing as you discover the London cityscape in a whole new perspective while sailing lazily along the Thames. It is like looking at the other side of London that few like you would be fortunate enough to explore.  The sightseeing becomes more meaningful with the support of recorded commentary as you enjoy the three-course lunch freshly prepared from local ingredients and served with trained elegance. The cruise lasts for 90 minutes, and you can choose between classic lunch and premier lunch with wine included in the latter menu and assured window seat. The menu is seasonal and is dependent on the availability of locally produced ingredients keeps changing throughout the year.

The boats

Symphony and Harmony are the two air-conditioned boats used for the river cruise. These boats have been specially created to provide a relaxed and elegant atmosphere for guests.

  • Symphony – The Symphony has an all glass construction that ensures uninterrupted viewing of the outside and it is one of the most beautiful looking cruisers on the Thames. No matter where you find a seat, the viewing experience will be on par with anyone else. The boat has all amenities that you would need, and the pale wooden floors give it a very contemporary look. The glass walls create a sense of virtual spaciousness that creates room for more enjoyment.
  • Harmony – The Harmony is unique in its Scandinavian design features amply supported by flexible layouts. Its open deck of 250 square metres is one of the largest on the Thames. The dining area in the lower deck has large glass windows that facilitate viewing of the sights along the riverbanks. It is a perfect place for holding parties and celebrations for individuals as well as corporate.

If neither lunch nor dinner matches with your timing, try out the afternoon tea cruises that would at least give an hour time to get a feel for the quality of cruises.

Browse the website for exact timings, pricing and other details so that you are completely convenient and conversant with the offerings. Especially, you must know the reporting times that are sacrosanct as there is no room for accommodating late comers.

Welcome to the Thames Dinner Cruise Blog

Thames Dinner Cruise providing lunch cruises and dinner cruises on the River Thames in LondonThanks for visiting the first of the Thames Dinner Cruise Blog posts. In future blogs, we will aim to keep you informed with suggestions and ideas for Thames lunch and dinner cruises and events for you, your family, friends and colleagues.

Central London is an ideal venue for any event and an elegant dinner or lunch cruise along the Thames is the ultimate way to propose to a loved one, celebrate a special occasion. or just relax and enjoy the iconic sights and views along the Thames. Famous and historic buildings such as: Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, The Tower of London, St Pauls Cathedral, the London Eye and Tower Bridge are all visible as you sail along sipping a glass of wine and enjoying a first-class meal. Lunch cruises are a beautiful way to see the sights and get a better perspective of the layout of central London and the route of the Thames. Evening Dinner cruises can be suitable for any celebratory occasion and are particularly ideal for a romantic events. Prior to the 2012 London Olympics, central London was fitted out with many more attractive and interesting lights and these make a dinner cruise along the Thames even more spectacular and enjoyable.

In recent years, central London has undergone a continuing upgrade and new building programme so the skyline is continually changing and becoming more impressive and intriguing so there are always more amazing sights to see. Buildings such as the Shard and ‘The Gherkin’ (30 St Mary Axe) are all modern, but very impressive sights to view along the river.

All of our Dinner Cruise and Lunch Cruise boats are  modern, purpose-built craft that are specially designed for space, comfort and the best possible visibility from all areas. All of our lunch and dinner cruises are excellent value – especially when you compare them with a an equivalent meal in even a modest, central London restaurant.

Whatever the occasion, you can be assured that the Thames Dinner Cruise will make it a relaxed, special and memorable occasion for you and your guests.

Contact The Thames Dinner Cruise Team

Planning an event in central London? Want to find out more about the best Dinner Cruises on the Thames in London? Why not contact the Thames Dinner Cruise Team for a friendly, no-obligation chat on: 0203 551 3942. Alternatively, please send them a message by providing a few details on our Contact Page Here and they will get back to you to answer all of your questions.

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